How can I properly calibrate my Perifit?

Before you start using your Perifit, please make sure you have the latest Perifit App version from AppStore or Google Play. A lot of calibration problems are solved simply by updating your app.  

Once you have updated your Perifit app, here is the guide on how to best calibrate your Perift:

To get the best out of your pelvic floor training, you need to properly do the calibration of your Perifit.

First of all, before launching the game, you need to lay down in a completely relaxed position. Lay down on your bed with a pillow under your head, open and flex your legs, relax your belly and your butt muscles, this is a perfect position for your pelvic floor training with Perifit.

Next up, introduce the Perifit inside your vagina and click START in the Perifit app. As soon as the game is launched, try to relax as much as possible every muscle in the pelvic floor area and not to move your legs. You should keep this state until you see the sentence "Contract your pelvic floor" on the screen.

As soon as you see "Contract your pelvic floor" on the screen, you should try to contract your pelvic floor as strong as possible, do your best to keep it contracted until the game starts.

Try to do the calibration while holding the Perifit with your hand at first. If this works, you will be able to try the same thing with the Perifit inserted.