Learn more about the radar chart

Thanks to the new radar chart, you can now have a clear representation of your performance at the end of every game session and determine how close you are from a perfectly healthy pelvic floor.


But what does the chart represent exactly?



Frequency is the number of training over the last 14 days compared to the target number of trainings over the last 14 days.

Ex: if 4 training sessions over the last 14 days and the target is at 4 training sessions per week, the frequency would be at 50%.



The release represents your ability to relax your pelvic floor during resting phases. The pelvic floor that is capable of relaxing properly will have a greater contraction power during the next session. 


It's the average contraction power of your pelvic floor during the exercise. This statistic helps you determine how strong your pelvic floor is during the contraction phases.

The Force is calculated during the calibration phases at the beginning of each session. It is given in grams and can be interpreted as the weight in grams that your pelvic floor would be theoretically capable of lifting.

Your pelvic force may vary from session to session as it is greatly influenced by factors such as your tiredness, your menstrual cycle, etc.  But it is ok to experience variations between sessions. What is important to monitor, however, is the progression of the statistics in the long term (several weeks).

As you gain pelvic floor power, your body will be able to better deal with urinary incontinence symptoms. 



Stamina is your ability to keep a good contraction level towards the end of the exercise. In fact, the pelvic floor, like every other muscle in the human body, tends to get tired during physical exercise. Stamina is the measurement of how good your pelvic floor resists to tiredness.  This statistic is very important for your pelvic floor, as the latter is supporting your internal organs the whole day. 

In addition, your ability to perform long contractions plays an important role in helping you hold a pressing need to pee.



This statistic shows how much success you have had so far in hitting the lotuses. The more accurate you are, the more control you have over your pelvic floor.

Accuracy is particularly important during intercourse and plays a role in your level of sexual pleasure.