How to stop disconnections during the game?

When the Bluetooth signal strength is not sufficient, some unwanted disconnections may occur during the game. However, you can adjust your body and phone position to get better signal strength and reduce the number of disconnections.  

Upon starting a game session, you will notice a Bluetooth signal indicator at the top left corner of the screen. The indicator's main mission is to give you a clear idea of how good the connection between your phone and the Perifit device is. Therefore, you must ensure that all along with your game session, the indicator should not go below the two bars level.


Here is some advice to help you keep a good Bluetooth strength level: 

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Perifit app from your favourite app store. Updating your Perifit app often helps in solving a lot of connection problems.

If after updating the app you still experience disconnection problems try to remove any obstacles between the Perifit antenna (the white wire) and your smartphone.

Then you need to make sure the white wire at the end of Perifit is not bent, nor it is stuck between your legs. Your legs should not be an obstacle for the Bluetooth signal. While you use Perifit, lie down with your legs bent and spread about 20 cm.

If you can see that the Bluetooth signal goes under two bars, try to spread your legs gently, and change the position so that you can get at least two bars. Try several positions if necessary.

Finally, a disconnection may occur if you touch the white part of the Perifit. Avoid touching that part of the Perifit while using it. If your Perifit slides out of your vagina, you should read this article that explains how to keep the Perifit inside without holding it with your hand.