Why does the deep pelvic floor shows "zero"?

Why do I get a "zero" on my deep pelvic floor sensors?

The algorithms of the Perifit app disable the sensors that measure low values in order to get a more accurate picture of your pelvic floor pressure. This is why you may sometimes see "zero" deep pelvic floor force whereas, in reality, it's simply something much smaller than the values measured by the superficial sensors.

But why my deep pelvic floor sensors measure a lower value than the superficial ones?

The first answer is this is how your body works. A healthy pelvic floor tends to apply a bigger pressure on the superficial layer sensors than on the deep ones. So if you have lower measurements for deep sensors, it is actually a good thing. This means your pelvic pressure is higher than your abdominal pressure, or in other words that you are doing a correct contraction. So well done!

Women having a tonic pelvic floor will apply a lower pressure to their deep layer sensor than to the superficial one, but it will probably not be zero. However, if your pelvic floor is still a bit weak (for example you are 6 weeks after delivery and have just started your recovery) the pressure detected by deep sensor may be so small that it is considered as being zero by the Perifit app itself. In this case, just give your pelvic floor a bit more time and after 5-6 sessions you should see some positive change for you deep pelvic floor layer as well.

Finally, the anatomy of every person is different, and deep pelvic floor sensors are subject to the anatomy biases. Sometimes turning or moving slightly the Perifit inside your vagina will have a significant effect on what your deep sensors are measuring. For a small percentage of women having a healthy and tonic pelvic floor, deep sensor may still register very low values. But this is fine, as far as you superficial sensor is showing higher pressures. In fact the superficial and deep pelvic floor layers are intimately connected and contract together, in synergy.

What is my superficial sensors values are lower than the deep sensors values?

This could mean your are not doing the correct pelvic floor contraction. In fact you may be using your abs or buttocks muscles to control the character in the game instead of using your pelvic floor. Try to read your guidelines on how to correctly contract your pelvic floor then exercice in manual mode to confirm you got the correct technique. In addition we strongly recommend you to contact a women health specialist to help you learn the correct way of contracting your pelvic floor.